Best Buds

Xrailer is one of my favorite friends. We meet alot and have fun together. He is also very good at finding Glitches.


Cookies112 is also a very good friend. I asked her to be my buddy and she happily said yes we have been great friends ever since.


Me and mcmo11 met on her wordpress chatting. I asked her to go on cp. She went on and we became buddies. I remember we met in the pet shop and then went to the Dock to talk. She is a great friend on clubpenguin.


Remix 10 is a great friend. If you dont know already he is my neighbor and best friend in real life. We are really close friends. He is such a great friend. He has another penguin named Crankin Boy because Remix 10 is banned forever.


6 Responses to Best Buds

  1. crankinboyoncp says:

    and crankin boy isnt cry cry cry

  2. Aqua19858 says:

    Hey crazyboy5 I decided not to shut down my blog, yay!

  3. Aqua19858 says:

    Can you update my image because i changed my outfit

  4. Hey thanks for putting Remix 10 there I miss remix allot but now im Dimdim67 Chris and I are sharing it but he doesn’t go on it allot because hes goes on 182blink0

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