Ca Stands for Crazy Boy5 and Altidude. Altidude’s Picture is on the Bottom and Crazy Boy5’s is on the Top. I am a boy who likes playing clubpenguin and is pretty famous.


Best Buds: I have a couple of really good friends on clubpenguin  that I really like alot. If you want to know who they are, please go to the page “Best Buds”

Make Your Own Clothes: The title pretty much says it all. Go to the page “Make Your Own Clothes” and tell me what you want to do to any specific item. To see an example go to that page.

Videos: Most of the Videos are My Buddy List’s and How to play a certain game. Some are Interviews and some are Glitches. I hope you enjoy that page.

Pictures: The “Pictures” page is just pictures of clubpenguin stuff. That is all it really is.



5 Responses to CA

  1. Xrailer says:

    hey guys

  2. crazy boy5 says:


  3. Spade says:

    Can i be on you’re blogroll? My site has like 30,000 hits. Here’s the link:

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