Here is a big contest. The people who are not aloud to participate is Remix 10, Scoot03, and Mpw04. The reason they cant is because they know the answer.

Here are the prizes.

Be on my blogroll

Be my buddy forever

Be in a picture with me

Have your own page on my wordpress that I will post on.

Here is the Contest.

To answer you must email me at

Here it is. You must figure out what my brothers name is on clubpenguin. He is not as old as me but is still famous. So guess by commenting me or emailing me at that email above. You may only choose one prize.


3 Responses to COOL CONTEST

  1. connerhco says:

    Hey cool site! Can I be added to your blog roll?


  2. remix10news says:

    hey i got banned forever

  3. crazy boy5 says:

    hi supposed thanks for leaving a comment

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