My Penguins

altidude-picture.jpgI have two penguins. There names are Altidude and Crazy Boy5. Crazy Boy5 is famous and Altidude is getting there.I am going to write about each penguin.

Altidude: Altidude is kind of famous and was made about 100 days ago. This is his wordpress or blog (whatever you like to call it). He always wears Dark Blue and the items he wears are the santa hat, candy necklace, and the cotton candy. If he is not wearing that he will either wear the tour guide hat, and the christmas scarf. He wears the paddle pin and the sunset backround His first party was the fall fair. And that was a really really good party. Well that is all for Altidude. Here is some about Crazy Boy5.

Crazy Boy5: Crazy Boy5 is very famous and I forget the age but I will try to post it when I Check.(if I remember)lol. Ok Crazy Boy5 had another wordpress that I just deleted . I deleted it because I was Having trouble with it. I needed to delete some stuff but it would not so I just made a new one. He had about 2,000 hits when I left it. Crazy Boy5 Wears alot of different outfits. He loves wearing the floaties and the umbrealla cap. He wears the christmas scarf (got it the first time it came out) or the Halloween scarf. (he loves scarfs). He always wears the eyepatch no matter what. For shoes he mostly wears the black or blue sneakers. And for shirt he always wears the red letterman jacket or the Black Jacket. He also wears the water drop pin and the surfboardbackround. Thats all for now. Here are some pictures uptop. 


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